SystemPro package

SystemPro means free choice for users and flexibility for dealers. You store 84 different versions of chairs in an area of 0,397 m2, in a volume of 0,242 m3, in 12 boxes, all together weighing 30,05 kg.

These 12 elements let you assemble, present and test 84 different chairs.

SystemPro is logistics-friendly for distributors. Below you'll find all essential information.

package parameters
outer dimensions volume gross weight
Seat 1A 64x62x9 cm 0,036 m3 3,20 kg
Seat 1B 43x41x13,5 cm 0,024 m3 4,95 kg
Seat 1C 47x47x14,5 cm 0,032 m3 5,95 kg
Pneumatic lift 2A 48x6x6 cm 0,0017 m3 1,55 kg
Pneumatic lift 2B 48x6x6 cm 0,0017 m3 1,85 kg
Relaxing foot-rest 3A 64x62x9 cm 0,036 m3 2,25 kg
Base 4A 64x62x9 cm 0,036 m3 2,75 kg
Base 4B 64x62x9 cm 0,036 m3 2,90 kg
Base 4C 64x62x9 cm 0,036 m3 3,20 kg
Feet 5A 11,5x11x10,5 cm 0,0013 m3 0,35 kg
Wheels 5B 11,5x11x10,5 cm 0,0013 m3 0,55 kg
Wheels 5C 11,5x11x10,5 cm 0,0013 m3 0,55 kg
overall: - 0,2433 m3 30,05 kg

[ Dimensions and weight of the boxes may change slightly. ]

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