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Choose a base:

39.83 EUR


ergonomical with adjustable backrest, spring steel tiredness absorber and backrest blocking, 7-ply plywood, thickness 10-11mm, seat width 40cm, natural colour, colourless varnish

13.9 EUR

Pneumatic lift:

high, chrome plated, 50mm diameter, seat height: chair with wheels 54-79cm, chair with feet 52-77cm, chair with steel, flat base 51-76cm [measures may change slightly due to technological reasons]


Relaxing footrest:

Net value: 53.73 EUR

aluminium base, 610 mm

aluminium base (feet or wheels required),
diamater 610 mm

aluminium base, 655 mm

aluminium base (feet or wheels required),
diamater 655 mm

podstawa 580mm extra flat

steel, ultra-flat profile, diameter 580mm (does not require feet or wheels, when choosing this type of base your creation process is finished)

Net prices (+23% VAT tax).