SystemPro Black Idea

SystemPro Black — indestructible, specialist chairs

for professional purposes.

The seat of the System Pro Black chair made of polyurethane integral foam, is water- and soiling proof and resistant to all other kinds of industrial contamination. Octopus Pro - the ultimate seat adjustment system, allows for comfortable sitting in optimal position that will fit all work conditions.

Pro Black is a modern, black coloured design concept, appropriate for all types of professional interiors.

Composing the final look of your chair is up to you. Using the Create section, out of 9 base elements you can create 16 individualized types of chairs that fit your individual specialized needs.

9 SystemPro Black modules

  • stool seat, polyurethane integral foam
  • chair seat with back support, polyurethane integral foam
  • industrial pneumatic lift
  • relaxing footrest
  • hardened, polyamide base
  • ultra-flat steel base
  • feet - 5 pcs. in set
  • wheels for soft grounds - 5 pcs. in set
  • wheel for hard grounds - 5 pcs. in set

16 SystemPro Black chairs

For the production of SystemPro Black chairs we use highest quality materials only.

seat with backrest from polyurethane integral foam

seat with backrest,
polyurethane integral foam

stool seat from polyurethane integral foam

stool seat,
polyurethane integral foam

back support

an extremely durable installation
of the back support

seat adjustment system

Octopus Pro ultimate
seat adjustment system

durable pneumatic lifts

durable pneumatic lift

polyamide bases

hardened polyamide base

chair feet

feet made of materials resistant
to grinding and knocking

wheels for soft grounds

for soft grounds

wheels for hard grounds

self-deterring wheels
for hard grounds

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