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Chosen modules:

19.5 EUR


polyurethane integral foam used to construct this seat assures outstanding durability and resistance to oil and other industrial contamination. Diameter 35 cm, seat height: stool on feet 39-52 cm, stool on wheels 41-54 cm, stool on the ultra-flat base (4B-black) 39-51,5 cm (measures may vary slightly due to technological reasons)

6.7 EUR

Pneumatic lift:

industrial pneumatic lift, diameter 50 mm


Relaxing footrest:

6.64 EUR


hardened, polyamide base, diameter 610 mm (feet or wheels necessary)

9.76 EUR


5 pcs., for hard floors, self-deterring, diameter of the plug: 11 mm

Net value: 42.6 EUR

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Constant improvements of the SystemPro products are part of our strategy. Therefore we reserve the right to modify our components, so that their appearance may differ in details from that presented on our webpage.

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